X Factor

X Factor is a show that has dominated the airwaves overseas for the past years, and produces some of the worlds best known artists that we know today!

I was courted by Stylist June Ambrose to create and add collection pieces to the contestants this season.

Looking fwd to the finale round. Tune into Fox and don’t miss NK draped all over the stage :D

Rachel Crow, Leroy Bell and Stereo Hogzz rock NK at elimination round week #2

Marcus Canty Rocks NK for first live show

Chris Rene rocks custom couture NK for live performance week #3

Stereo Hogzz Rocking NK for last live performance as they are eliminated

LEROY BELL performing draped in NK top 11

LEROY BELL performance top 10

Lakoda Rayne Draped In NK for their last performance top 11

Marcus Canty sings for his life draped in NK Top 10

Rachel Crow Rocking NK yet again for eliminations top 10


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